Fla. Ranks as No. 2 on the “MOST FUN STATES”

Fla. Ranks as No. 2 on the “MOST FUN STATES”

According to WalletHub, while we may all define “fun” a bit differently, the Sunshine State ranked as America’s most fun state behind California — making it No. 2.
Why moving to Fla. is such a great idea? Because a WalletHub study that looked at leisure, recreation, and nightlife determined that it is unquestionably enjoyable. study that looked at entertainment, recreation and nightlife.
NEW YORK – A WalletHub study examined 65 criteria in three categories—entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties, and total costs—to determine how enjoyable each state is. Florida was rated as the second-most enjoyable state in the nation, behind only California.
Florida has the second-highest number of restaurants per capita and a wide choice of recreational opportunities, according to the report. According to the study, Florida also has the most marinas, golf courses, country clubs, and performing arts venues.
Nevada, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Minnesota, and Louisiana round out the top 10 best and funniest states.

What is Fun Anyway?

Everyone has a unique perspective on and interpretation of what “fun” is. Something that is enjoyable to you might not be to someone else. However, there is one thing that never changes: there is always something entertaining to do in Florida.
While you may find enjoyment wherever you go in some states, you have to hunt for it in others. Yet, in Florida, you can all get all kinds of fun you’ve been looking for, it’s like a one-stop shop of happiness.
Jill Gonzalez, communications director for WalletHub, said, “Florida is a very fun state. It is a state where you can have affordable fun”, which I definitely agree!

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