A Deep Dive into Florida's International Real Estate Market

A Deep Dive into Florida's International Real Estate Market

Navigating Trends and Challenges: A Deep Dive into Florida's International Real Estate Market

In a comprehensive analysis of Florida's international real estate landscape, the recently released 2023 Profile of International Residential Real Estate Activity by Florida Realtors® sheds light on the evolving trends and challenges in the state's property market. Despite facing a decline of 18% in international buyer transactions from August 2022 to July 2023, Florida's allure remains strong. Let's delve into the key findings that provide valuable insights for both buyers and sellers.


Market Overview: A Snapshot of 2023

The report reveals that international buyer purchases of Florida residential properties experienced an 18% decline compared to the preceding 12-month period. While global economic challenges persist, the state contends with heightened competition from domestic out-of-state buyers in a high-priced, high-interest-rate environment.


Dollar Volume Dynamics

The international buyer dollar volume in 2023 stands at $12.6 billion, marking an 18% decrease from the previous year's $15.3 billion. Notably, Canadians lead the pack in dollar volume, with a significant margin at $2.1 billion. However, dollar volume decreased for buyers from Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.


Influencing Factors on Purchase Decisions

Higher prices and rising interest rates proved to be significant obstacles for buyers, with approximately 68% of respondents reporting that at least one of their international clients chose not to buy a Florida property. The cost of the property was cited as the top reason, accounting for 47% of cases.


International Buyer Preferences and Behavior

Despite being a sought-after destination, most international buyers still prefer visiting Florida before making a purchase. In 2023, 93% of respondents visited the state at least once before committing to a real estate investment, reflecting a slight increase from the previous years.


Florida's Top 5 Buyer Countries and Dollar Volume Leaders


Top 5 Buyer Countries by Sales:

  1. Canada (18%)
  2. Colombia (10%)
  3. Brazil (7%)
  4. Argentina (7%)
  5. United Kingdom (4%)

Top 5 International Buyers by Dollar Volume:

  1. Canada ($2.1 billion)
  2. Brazil ($1.5 billion)
  3. Colombia ($982 million)
  4. Peru ($539 million)
  5. Mexico ($524 million)

Top International Buyer Destinations in Florida

- Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach (47%)

- Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford (14%)

- Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (8%)

- Cape Coral-Ft. Myers (6%)

- North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton (4%)

- Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island (4%)


Key Figures and Trends: A Quick Glance

- **Median Purchase Price:** $416,000

- **Share of All-Cash Transactions:** 62%

- **Buyers Intending to Use Property for Vacation or Rental:** 64%

- **International Buyers Opting for Single-Family Units:** 53%

- **Referrals and Former Clients:** 67%

- **Respondents Reporting Clients Seeking Property Abroad:** 24%

- **Respondents Speaking a Language Other Than English:** 45%

- **Reported Ease in Working with International Buyers:** 70%

Conclusion: Navigating the Florida Real Estate Horizon

Despite challenges in the global economy and increased competition, Florida's real estate market remains an attractive destination for international buyers. Understanding the preferences, challenges, and behaviors outlined in this report can empower both buyers and sellers to navigate the dynamic landscape successfully. As Florida continues to be a top choice, staying informed is key to making sound real estate decisions in this vibrant and diverse market.

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