Swinging for Hope: Luker and Co. Hosted Fundraiser Golf Tournament for ALS Treatment

 Swinging for Hope: Luker and Co. Hosted Fundraiser Golf Tournament for ALS Treatment

At Luker and Co., we are proud to have recently hosted a remarkable fundraiser golf tournament on June 2, with the aim of raising funds for ALS treatment and research. This event brought together golf enthusiasts, local businesses, and compassionate individuals, united in our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by ALS. We want to share the success and impact of our annual golf tournament, which honors the memory of our beloved Father, Geoffrey Luker, while supporting the quest for a cure.

This year our hole featured a Mexican-themed table complete with margaritas, sombreros, snacks, and an automatic golf club! We enjoyed amazing food from Bonfire’s Bar and Grill and held a silent auction including prizes such as an automatic fireplace, a Yuengling golf bag, Jordan’s, baskets, gift cards, and much more. The more we throw these the more we learn and can add to future tournaments!

We understand firsthand the challenges faced by individuals living with ALS and the struggle their family endures. Gaining awareness from the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, this devastating neurodegenerative disorder, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gergigs Disease, significantly impacts a person's ability to speak, eat, move, and breathe, presenting immense challenges for individuals and their families. 

At Luker and Co., our commitment to honoring our Father's memory and supporting those affected by ALS runs deep. Through our annual fundraiser golf tournament, we not only pay tribute to his legacy but also strive to bring hope and support to a future where ALS is conquered. To make a tangible impact, we donate a portion of our commissions to the ALS Therapy Development Institute Lab (ALS TDI), a leading institution dedicated solely to finding effective treatments for ALS. By collaborating with ALS TDI, we contribute directly to groundbreaking research and advancements in ALS treatment.

The success of our recent golf tournament would not have been possible without the incredible support of our partners and clients. Their generosity and unwavering dedication to the cause allowed us to raise over $90,000. Our fundraiser golf tournament has become a cherished tradition at Luker and Co., entering its third year with renewed passion. Every year, we witness a community of caring individuals come together not only to have fun but to support a meaningful cause. 

At Luker and Co., our hearts are dedicated to making a positive impact on families and individuals affected by ALS. Through our annual fundraiser golf tournament and our partnership with the ALS Therapy Development Institute, we strive to bring hope and support to a future where ALS is conquered. With the unwavering support of our partners, clients, and community, we will continue to raise awareness, funds, and resources in the fight against ALS. Together, we can make a difference and move one step closer to a world without ALS.

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